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Healing from Within

Each client that comes to the table brings a different story to tell.

With every story comes a new chapter to my intuitive practice and to your well being. 

By acknowledging that your body and mind is in need of balance is the first step to taking part in your own healing process. Each type of session offers a variety of experiences aimed at bringing homeostasis within you by stimulating the body's innate healing ability. 

If we are dynamic in achieving a state of relaxation, we are optimizing the body's own chances of healing itself. Whilst more and more evidence is reported about stress impacting negatively on our state of health, the values of relaxation sessions do serve to impact positively on us in the same way.


In the 25 years I have been practicing on Nantucket my clients have come to me with a wide range of ailments from stress and pain to palliative care and each one gives me a new found belief in my work.





 Reflexology is not a foot massage, by applying a specific thumb or finger pressure technique which stimulates the nerve pathways on precise reflex points on the feet the bodies own innate relaxation process takes over.

Reflexology can bring benefits in many ways, by reducing stress physically and mentally so that each individual can achieve optimum health.

60 mins $125



 Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy Ki, bringing about subtle frequency changes to the mind and body for a whole body alignment experience. By combining my intuitive gifts with this gentle force, clients can receive physical and emotional clarity.

Regular Reiki sessions can re-align our imbalances and increase our energy levels to a feeling of peaceful well being.

60 mins $125


Reflexology Nantucket
Grief Reiki
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Working the Face and Ears is the most profound connective experience to your physical and energetic body. Using acupressure points originally created in China and applying face mapping from Andean tribal maps and techniques this session will take you beyond the table. Benefits include stress relief, direct stimulation to the 12 cranial nerves in the head, body energy reset, improves blood and lymph circulation, sinus drainage, much much more and a health glow to your entire face.

70 Mins $150


Allow yourself to walk through your grief at your own pace, recognize how you are feeling physically and emotionally. Experiencing physical pain, insomnia, obsessive thoughts and fears, fatigue and other ailments are all normal reactions to bereavement and loss.

Grief Reiki allows for talk therapy combined with hands on gentle Reiki Energy to travel through blockages that restore your mind and body to its natural balance.

60 mins $125.00


All services can be combined to create a specifically designed session for you

80 Mins $175

Max 90 Mins $200




& More


Combining Science & Guided Intuition.

Wendy Murrell, Nantuckt Holistic Practitioner

Hi, I'm Wendy Murrell. Originally from London, I moved to beautiful Nantucket Island in 1997.


Since a very young age, I found an interest in healing therapies, intuitive consultation, tarot, dream analysis and death and dying. This path has lead me to attending workshops and talks with amazing teachers and spiritual masters.


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Wendy Murrell

Face Reflexology

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