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DIANE - Nantucket, MA

Wendi is a real magic worker. I started seeing her a couple of years ago for Reflexology and Grief work, best decision I’ve ever made.


I was going through a rough time with losing a few family members, overstressed and overwhelmed with grief and work... Wendi’s sessions kept me sane, literally. I’ve been seeing her every two weeks and look forward to every single session.


It’s almost like you have an out of body experience and feel like you are born again afterwards, pain and stress free...


She just has this amazing energy about her.  

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SHERI - Nantucket, MA

About 1 year ago I noticed an ad for Wendy on a Facebook posting. As I have multiple health issues, Diabetes, Heart Disease and rheumatoid arthritis I am always interested in ways to improve my health and or relief from circulation issues and chronic inflammation pain. 


I reached out to Wendi as I was unfamiliar with Reiki or Reflexology and wanted more information about the benefits and costs.  Wendi was immediate in her response and very helpful, in addition to being affordable. 


I scheduled my first appointment and have never looked back! Wendi is calm but powerful presence during my sessions. For the last year I have seen Wendi every other week and have found the sessions to benefit not only my physical wellbeing but my emotional wellbeing, as well. I receive such a sense of peace and comfort during my sessions the majority of my inflammation is under control with my bi-weekly appointments. 


It would be my absolute pleasure to recommend Wendi’s services. I have come to know her to be honest and dependable.


Her knowledge and expertise have truly benefitted me.

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GARY - Nantucket, MA

I first heard of Wendi through word of mouth and didn't know anything about Reflexology. That was years now and I still treasure her skills, knowledge, and support. Wendi's ability to hone into areas that need support never ceases to impress me. Taking time to check-in, sharing helpful self-care tips/exercises for home, and being genuinely kind, Wendi is a gem. Compared to other services I find her work affordable that gives me relief that stays with me for days. I often find myself leaving in such a blissed out state that I need to compose myself before operating my car back home! Thanks for everything, Wendi!

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